ith the beginning of every school year comes excitement and enthusiasm… for some. For other children and their parents it’s a time of trepidation. For those children who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD school is difficult and most of the children see themselves as different. This difference quickly affects their self confidence and the downward spiral begins, again. Until recently there has only been the standard medications that work for some children, some of the time. So begins the merry-go-round of the various drugs. We now have another way of approaching ADD and ADHD. It is by finding the cause with a simple urine test and treating it directly without many of the negative and toxic side-effects that older treatments were packaged with, that we can improve your child’s chance for a full, successful, and happy life.

Every parent just wants the best life for their child, and together we at the Garden City Center for Integrative Health will work to achieve that via personalized treatments with the latest medical breakthroughs. We will use the most cutting-edge, safest, and healthiest approach to keeping your child’s ADD or ADHD under control, without poisoning their body or dampening their mind. I take the time to look at every aspect of my patients’ lives, and make sure never to sacrifice well-being for results, but rather find a way to achieve both. I know first-hand how important a child’s happiness and future are, and in today’s uncertain world, we need to give our children every chance they can get. Together, let us work to help to give your child a bright future.

Dr. DeNise
has practiced pediatrics on Long Island for 21 years. She is extremely knowledgeable in ADD/ADHD, Aspergerís, Autism and children with developmental disabilities. She has been the resident medical director for one of the leading organizations on Long Island for children with medical disabilities. Dr. DeNise stands strong in the position of determining the cause and remedying the cause of ADD, ADD/ADHD, Aspergerís, etc., for each patient individually.